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When is the Right Time to Look at Independent Living?

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December 17, 2019

Moving into an independent living community is an opportunity to enter the next stage of your life, freeing yourself of daily chores and embracing a lifestyle where you have complete control over your time. Those who have decided to move to independent living are happy they did and have made close connections with their fellow residents. In fact, people love independent living so much that almost everyone wishes they did it sooner. 

Regardless of how much you may benefit from independent living, it’s still a big step, and one that requires much deliberation before any decision is made. One question people ask is, “when is the right time to consider independent living?” Here are some signs that you may want to consider a new lifestyle:

Your Current Home Feels Too Big

Do you find that there are rooms in your current home that just aren’t used, and the only time you spend in them is cleaning? It’s not just Marie Kondo espousing the benefits of simplifying your lifestyle. Great benefits await those who declutter and downsize their living situation. A one-bedroom apartment can make more sense than a big house with unused rooms. 

Look for an independent living community that offers a range of room sizes. One size doesn’t fit all, and a one-bedroom might be to small or perhaps too big. Having the option of studio, one bedroom or two bedroom accommodations allows you pick a living arrangement you’ll love. Remember that when you move into an independent living community, the whole facility becomes your home, and your suite is just one part. 

You Want Community

It’s not uncommon for seniors living at home to feel lonely or isolated. Maybe you’ve found yourself going out less than you used to, or feeling a lack of motivation or purpose, or that some of your favourite activities require other people to participate and your current social circle doesn’t permit that. 

Moving to a place where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals broadens the avenues of socialization and allows you to form close relationships with other community members.  

Many people find it beneficial to move to an independent living that has made the effort to integrate with the town or city it is a part of. Having the ability to leave the property and visit a coffee shop, shop at a mall, or simply stroll through the streets can do wonders for your sense of freedom. 

You Want More Freedom

Your current lifestyle requires a lot of responsibility. There’s laundry to be done, dishes to wash, and meals to cook. Not to mention the general upkeep of the house and the tidying of rooms that may rarely be used. 

An independent living community hires a team of caregivers, cooks and janitors that remove the have-to-dos from your daily routine. Thanks to their efforts, you have more time to engage in meaningful activities. 

Independent living communities feature a wide range of activities. The goal is to have something for everything. Whether you like to play cards, paint, dance, watch movies, or read, there’ll be something you love and look forward to every day. 

You Want Peace of Mind

Independent living provides varying levels of assistance depending on your needs. For some, all they require is staff to do the cleaning and cooking so they can spend time with friends and family. Those who require more care such as doctor appointments or prescription management have options available too. 

Look for an independent living facility that provides a variety of living options. It’s easier to settle in a place where you know you’ll be able to stay long-term. Make sure they have the staff and resources available to adapt to your needs as they change. 

Find an independent living facility that will work on your behalf no matter what your current challenges are. The joy of independent living is that the staff will work tirelessly to remove obstacles barring you from living a meaningful life. 

If you or your doctor have expressed concerns about dementia or other memory-related diseases, consider looking at an independent living facility that provides memory care. Once you find a place that does, ask about the training their staff has received and how the design on their property aids in the stimulation of those with dementia or similar illnesses. 


No matter your reason for looking into independent living, whether you want more freedom, a smaller living area, or an improved sense of community, this next step in your life will have a great positive impact. 

It is an opportunity to live a life filled with meaningful activities and close relationships. Where you never have to worry about laundry, dishes, or cleaning. If that’s what you want, then it’s time to consider independent living.