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A Lifestyle Personalized For You

We’ve invested in individual expression. Your time is yours to spend as you please. Eat when you want, exercise when you want, and have fun the way you want. Our team works behind the scenes to make this possible because we want you to live your best life safe in the knowledge that your individual needs are being met.

Freedom to live the way you choose

At Aster Gardens, we provide the freedom to live how you want combined with the support you need. Red Seal Chefs cook according to your tastes, on-site doctors provide round the clock care, and our team of trained support staff makes sure all your needs are met. And if your needs change, we’ll change to meet them. Our supportive care model allows you to get the care you need, in the privacy of your suite, and without change to your routine.

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Become part of the Aster Gardens community, where we provide freedom for you to live your desired lifestyle. The activities you take part in, the food you eat, and how you receive care - it’s all your choice.


We understand that you’ll sometimes need our support. Our highly-trained staff provides care that works for you, offering care and assistance from the privacy of your suite and according to your schedule.

Memory Care

We’ve built a stress-free environment from the ground up. The building’s design, with its intuitive layout and calming colour palette, makes residents feel at home, while our caregivers engage you with brain-stimulating activities.

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